Tooth extraction may sound scary but the procedure is relatively quick and so is recovery. Whether you have overcrowding due to wisdom teeth or have other teeth that are badly damaged, extraction is often the fastest and best way to alleviate the issue.

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What to Expect During  Tooth Extraction

No matter the reason for your tooth removal, the process will begin with numbing the area around the tooth and/or sedation.

For some tooth extractions, only a local anesthetic is needed. This means injecting a numbing agent into the gum around the affected tooth.

For more complicated tooth extractions such as when the tooth has broken off below the gum line or when there is significant decay, sedation may be needed.

Once the area is numb or the sedation has taken effect, your dentist will gently loosen the tooth. If incisions in the gum were required for the extraction, these will be carefully stitched up after the procedure and before the numbing has worn off.

The procedure itself is relatively painless thanks to sedation and/or local anesthetics. Pain after the procedure can typically be managed with over-the-counter painkillers. Though you may have discomfort after the procedure, this should subside within two to three days.

tooth extraction

Reasons for  Tooth Extractions

Keeping your natural teeth is always a top priority but there are many reasons and benefits to extraction, including:

Wisdom Tooth  Extraction

Wisdom tooth removal is among the most common dental procedures. The process is often the same as an extraction for any other reason. However, many people have impacted wisdom teeth. This means the teeth have not erupted above the gumline.

In this case, the dentist will need to make an incision in the gums in order to extract the tooth. When an incision like this is required, you will likely require sedation and there may be a slightly longer recovery time.

Most patients can return to work or school within a few days. For example, if you have your extraction on Monday morning, you will likely be ready to return on Wednesday or Thursday of the same week.

However, you will want to avoid vigorous physical activity until you are completely healed. Therefore, if you have a very physical job that involves heavy lifting, you may need a few extra days.

The cost of tooth extraction in Ontario can vary depending on several factors, including the complexity of the extraction, the location of the tooth, and the specific dental clinic or practitioner. On average, a simple tooth extraction may range from $100 to $300 per tooth. However, surgical extractions, such as wisdom tooth removal, may be more expensive, typically ranging from $200 to $600 or more per tooth. It’s important to consult with your dentist for an accurate estimate based on your individual needs and circumstances. Additionally, dental insurance coverage may offset some of the costs associated with tooth extraction.


Tooth Extraction  Aftercare

Recovery from tooth extractions can be uncomfortable but should only last a few days. Here are things you can do to ease pain and speed recovery:

Is Tooth Extraction Right for You?

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