Tools and Technology

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At Marketplace Dentistry, leading-edge technology and eco-friendly practices make a big difference. In addition to our expert staff, you can depend on us for innovative tools, green office protocols, and state-of-the art equipment. That means you can feel totally confident that your treatment – whether simple dental cleaning or implant surgery – will be performed with the utmost precision, safety and comfort.

Here are some of the innovations we have invested in for your comfort:

Digital x-ray system

Our digital x-ray imaging system means our patients are exposed to less radiation than traditional x-rays.

Digital cameras, intra-oral cameras for photos

Photo are used for record-keeping, insurance communications and patient education.
Patients can also view these images on our televisions of iPads

Wall and ceiling-mounted televisions, iPads & PlayStation 3 for Kids

Patient education materials
On-demand entertainment
noise-cancelling headphones

We also go to great lengths to ensure superior sanitation and the operation of an environmentally friendly dental office.

Oil-free handpieces & compressor:

Our handpieces are quieter and more ecofriendly than the traditional variety. They don’t require lubrication and therefore prevent the risk of contaminating teeth with oil (which can cause fillings to fail).

Superior sterilization and infection control

Paperless office

Digital patient files and recordkeeping

Patient records carefully secured with top encryption to ensure maximum protection and confidentiality

Electronic Insurance submission

We are pleased to offer our patients electronic submission of dental insurance claims.