Teeth x-rays provide a painless and simple way to give insight into the internal workings of your teeth and gums. They are critical for spotting early signs of decay, cavities, and bone loss.

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What is a  Dental X-Ray?

Teeth x-rays are used to gain insight into what is happening beneath the surface of your teeth. With these,
your dentist will be able to see cavities that are forming on the inside of your teeth.
This will also show other signs of decay and teeth that are impacted, that is teeth that are below the gumline.

Dental x-rays give your dentist insight into the internal workings of your teeth and gums which cannot be seen from the outside. This can help catch signs of cavities and decay before they become more advanced and difficult to treat.

Additionally, issues like impacted wisdom teeth require an x-ray because little, if any, of the tooth will be visible above the gum line. These teeth are unable to emerge through the gumline and, instead, will begin growing sideways. An x-ray is the only way to view these teeth and create a plan for extraction.

In short, you need x-rays because they are a routine part of dental care and are just as necessary as daily oral hygiene and regular cleanings.

Dental x-rays use radiation in order to see inside your teeth and gums. Many people are concerned about this radiation, however, we are exposed to radiation through our normal environment at higher levels than what is found in an x-ray.

A dental x-ray only exposes you to 2-3 mrem which is less than 0.5% of the total radiation most of us are exposed to every year. This level is considered safe for children and adults and any risk is outweighed by the benefits to our oral health.

Additionally, a lead vest will be placed over your torso during the x-rays in order to provide extra protection for your internal organs.

It is recommended that patients receive a full teeth x-ray every two years. In some cases, you may need more frequent dental x-rays to monitor how certain conditions are progressing. However, most patients will only need them once every two years.

Reasons You May Need More Frequent Teeth X-Rays

  • Older adults often require yearly x-rays
  • If your current oral health needs improving
  • To track conditions like gum disease and decay

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