Tal Lewinger

Meet Dr. Tal Lewinger, Founder of Marketplace Dentistry


  • BSc. (Hons) York University
  • Doctor of Dental Surgery, University of Toronto, Faculty of Dentistry


  • American Academy of Implant Dentistry Maxi-Course
  • HIT Canada – Advanced Bone grafting clinical course
  • University of Toronto Faculty of Dentistry certification in moderate sedation
  • Occlusion Design clinical-training program.Numerous other implant courses and courses on conservative cosmetic treatments.


  • Implant Surgery and Cosmetic Dentistry

With decades of clinical experience, Dr. Tal Lewinger brings skilled hands and a ready smile to his practice at Marketplace.
Great dentistry, he believes, is not just about providing excellent oral care, it’s about building trusted relationships.
He credits his good humour and empathy—as much as his many top certifications—as the reason he’s one of Vaughan’s best-loved dentists.


Dr. Lewinger is an expert in dental implant surgery and restoration. He’s a graduate of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry’s most elite program (the Maxicourse) taught by world experts in the field of oral implantology (AAID). This exclusive training means he’s one of a small group of top-trained implant surgeons in the north Toronto region.

Furthermore: Dr. Lewinger has received training in placing and restoring metal-free, all ceramic white zirconia implants. He is one of the first and few dentists in Canada offering a metal free implant solution to his patients.

A staunch believer in lifelong education, Dr. Lewinger continually hones his skills in general and cosmetic dentistry, as well as implant surgery. He is passionate about staying on top of technology trends and new procedures to ensure he always delivers the best care to his patients.

Dr. Lewinger takes a holistic approach to dental healthcare. He careful listens to each patient’s concerns and provides a diagnosis and individualized treatment plan – often going beyond teeth and gums to tie in other potential health considerations. He is known for taking the time to gently educate his clients so they can feel fully informed, understanding their dental health picture and choices ahead.

Dr. Lewinger also strives to be a role model in his community (as well as to his young daughter) when it comes to making green choices. Under his leadership, Marketplace Dentistry is committed to minimize its ecological footprint, not only in sustainable building, but in operation and design as well.

At Marketplace Dentistry, we are commited to :
• minimizing the amount of landfill waste produced by the office and recycling as much as possible
• minimizing the use of disposable products and supplies and using re-usable and/or bio-degradable products when possible
• minimizing unnecessary use of water, electricity and natural resources
• using environmentally responsible products and supplies as much as possible in dental processes, materials, office administration and marketing
• supporting companies that offer environmentally responsible products and/or have sustainable best practices
• using local labs and suppliers whenever feasible to minimize emissions from travel
• educating our patients about how easy it is to collectively reduce our ecological footprint

Tal Lewinger

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