Invisalign is the clear, nearly invisible alternative to traditional braces. With Invisalign, you get the teeth straightening benefits of braces without the unsightly metal. These clear trays are also better for overall oral health since you are able to brush and floss more easily than with braces.

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What to Expect When  Getting Invisalign

This process starts with your Invisalign dentist making a mold of your teeth.
Your Invisalign clear plastic trays are then created to match the exact shape of your teeth
 which ensures the trays will fit comfortably.

Invisalign is not painful though many patients will experience some discomfort initially from the increased pressure on their teeth. However, most become accustomed to the sensation within a week. You may also experience some discomfort whenever moving to new trays.

Invisalign trays work by applying consistent pressure to the teeth in order to shift them into place. Each tray will be worn for one to two weeks before you begin using a fresh one. As treatment progresses, your trays will be tightened in order to further move your teeth into place.

Several factors will affect how long you need to wear your Invisalign but, generally, patients will need to wear Invisalign for 6 to 12 months. However, some small gaps can be corrected in a matter of weeks while more complicated issues could take more than a year.

Other factors include:

  • Age: While your Invisalign dentist can correct teeth of any age, younger patients are more responsive to treatment because their jaws and teeth are more malleable.
  • How Long You Wear Your Invisalign: Ideally, you will wear your Invisalign for at least 22 to 23 hours each day. You should only remove your Invisalign to eat and perform oral hygiene tasks. The more consistent you are in wearing your Invisalign trays, the faster treatment will go.
  • Complexity of Dental Issues: Some dental issues are easier to fix than others. Gaps are among the easier issues to fix while overall straightening and bite correction will take longer.

Benefits of  Invisalign

  • Aesthetics: One of Invisalign’s greatest benefits over traditional braces is that they are nearly invisible. They will not show up in photos and other people are unlikely to notice them even at a close distance.
  • Oral Health: Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign liners can be easily taken on and off. You will be able to remove them to eat and also to brush and floss. The ability to brush and floss will help prevent other oral health issues from occurring, which is often an issue with braces.
  • Eat What You Want: Invisalign will not prevent you from eating your favorite foods. Unlike traditional braces, you will not need to avoid sticky, chewy, or crunchy items.

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