Get the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted without the hassle of traditional braces. Marketplace Dentistry offers both Invisalign, the nearly invisible alternative to metal braces, and veneers which offer an instant way to perfect your smile.

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Veneers for   Teeth Straightening

Veneers are made of an ultra thin layer of porcelain which fits securely and seamlessly over your own natural teeth. They can be used to mask a wide range of aesthetic dental concerns such as discoloration, gaps, chips, and misshapen teeth. They can even be used to lengthen short teeth and improve your tooth to gum ratio. This includes correcting the look of crooked teeth.

When Are Veneers Not Right for  Tooth Straightening?

Oral Health Issues

While veneers can cover the look of crooked teeth, they cannot correct underlying decay or disease. Depending on the position, shape, and health of your teeth, you may require procedures and care before you can proceed with veneers.

Overlapping Teeth

While veneers can fix the appearance of teeth that are crooked or shortened, they cannot be applied to overlapping teeth. If your teeth overlap significantly, they will likely need to be straightened before veneers can be applied.

Why Choose Invisalign for  Teeth Straightening

For decades, the only real option people had for teeth straightening was metal braces. While braces certainly have their uses and can still be the right option in certain situations, Invisalign is both more aesthetically pleasing and can be better for your overall dental health.

Invisalign for  Oral Health

While teeth straightening for aesthetic purposes remains the primary reason that patients choose Invisalign, these clear braces can also improve oral health. A misaligned bite can often put pressure on all or some of the teeth causing teeth to grind down.

When your teeth grind against each other, this can also affect your gums, causing them to recede. By correcting your bite with Invisalign you will not only see an improvement in your smile, you may also be able to reduce other oral health issues.

Teeth Straightening and Veneers Consultation

Not sure which teeth straightening option is right for you? Marketplace Dentistry offers a range of cosmetic dentistry options including teeth straightening, whitening, veneers and more.

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