Have you experienced loose, painful, or injured teeth? If so, you need care from an emergency dental clinic. At Marketplace Dentistry, we understand how upsetting it can be when you have a serious dental concern. This is why we offer comprehensive dental emergency care to ensure you get the help you need quickly.

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What is Considered a  Dental Emergency

Occasional gum bleeding or swelling is not an emergency (though it is likely an indication you need to increase your brushing and flossing). However, if your gums will not stop bleeding and/or remain puffy, this is cause for concern and you should call your dentist immediately.

A tooth that is loose or that has fallen out is a sure sign you need emergency dental care. A dentist will need to treat the area to ensure an infection does not set in. This is true whether your tooth is loose due to health issues or because of sudden injury.

Unexplained swelling in the jaw is often a sign of infection. It will often be accompanied by tooth pain and additional swelling in the lymph nodes of the neck.

Whenever previous dental work breaks or falls out, emergency care is needed. This is because your tooth is now much weaker without the support of the filling or crown. It can crack, expose the nerve, and also easily get infected without proper care.

Signs of a  Tooth Abscess

An infected tooth is among one of the most common reasons someone would require dental emergency care. Unlike a common cavity which affects the outer surface of the tooth, an abscess is an infection in or around the root of the tooth.

It can be caused by a variety of factors including an untreated cavity, an old filling that needs to be replaced, or other injury.

Here are the signs you may have a serious infection in one or more of your teeth:

  • Fever
  • A red bump on the gum near the painful tooth
  • Severe pain in one or more teeth
  • Swelling in the face or neck lymph nodes
  • Tooth sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures

Why is it Important to Treat an Abscessed Tooth

An abscessed tooth is among the most serious dental emergencies and requires immediate attention. This is because the infection in the tooth can easily travel to the sinus cavity. Once the infection spreads, you can develop sepsis, a serious infection that travels throughout the body and can even be fatal.

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A dental emergency is always concerning. At Marketplace Dentistry we understand how scary this is and how important the health of your teeth is to you. Our dental emergency clinic staff is here to make these stressful situations easier.

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