At Marketplace Dentistry, a complete dental wellness visit awaits with a comfortable cleaning, a personalized exam – and maybe an Xray or two. You can also expect a care plan that’s carefully tailored to you and your oral health needs.

We love doing teeth cleanings for our patients and their families. And we don’t just love them, we do them really well. Our dental and oral hygiene experts put you at ease, communicate clearly about each step of the visit and deliver the highest quality dental services, from simple cleanings and checkups to fillings and extractions.

What’s more, we’ve invested in the latest dental tools and technology in our state-of-the-art general dentistry to ensure safety, precision and best results. Our patients are worth it!

Why Regular Dental Cleanings  Are Important:

A build up of calculus and plaque around your teeth and gums can cause a deluge of dental problems such as gingivitis, tooth decay, bone loss and eventually, tooth loss. Not to mention chronic bad breath. No matter how good your own flossing routine and electric toothbrushes are, it is very hard to achieve the kind of deep cleaning you need at home.

A regular cleaning at least twice a year at Marketplace general Dentistry is vital to keep these serious dental issues at bay.

a general dentistry dentist performing dental surgery

Marketplace Dentistry, You Mouth is In Great Hands

Conveniently located in Rutherford Marketplace, at the corner of Bathurst and Rutherford, we offer a full range of general dentistry and specialized dental services, including our specialties, dental surgery and cosmetic dentistry.

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