At Marketplace Dentistry, we take safety and sanitation very seriously. In response to the COVID-19 crisis we have invested significantly in order to protect our patients and staff, going well beyond government requirements to ensure our practice is a safe and comfortable place to visit.

From your first entry through your procedure, all the way through touchless checkout, we’ve made sure to employ the highest level of safeguards so each moment of your visit is free from any health risk.

You’re safe  with us.

Specialized doors that seal off each operating room

Contactless check-in and checkout

HEPA air purifiers

(medical grade) Turning the air 20x hour to prevent spread of airborne disease

Plexiglass guards covering reception area.

Fresh gowns for staff members after each patient appointment

Fit-tested N95 masks for staff for all clinical procedures

Extensive training for staff in COVID-19 procedures

Marketplace Dentistry, You Mouth is In Great Hands

Conveniently located in Rutherford Marketplace, at the corner of Bathurst and Rutherford, we offer a full range of general and specialty dental services, including our specialties, dental surgery and cosmetic dentistry.

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