Ceramic Crowns and Onlays offer an easy way to correct broken, weakened, or damaged teeth. These are often an ideal solution because they help your teeth to function normally and do not require special care other than good oral hygiene.

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What are Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are a kind of cap for a damaged or broken tooth. These are often used when a tooth is broken or has decay that is too significant for a filling.

The crown procedure starts with removing any decayed or broken areas of your natural tooth and then shaping the remaining portion so that the crown can fit over it. The crown itself is a molded piece of ceramic, composite, or metal that is shaped just like your natural tooth. 

Why Would You Need a Crown?

ceramic crown

Types of  Dental Crowns

Crowns were once made primarily of metal in silver or gold. While these types of crowns were economical and did the job of protecting the affected tooth, they do not blend with a person’s natural teeth. Today, there are multiple options for natural-looking crowns that blend seamlessly into your natural teeth, including ceramic crowns and eMax crowns.

eMax crowns are made of lithium disilicated ceramic. They are lighter than traditional crowns and do not require as much of your natural tooth to be removed. Like ceramic crowns, eMax crowns are also shaped and colored to look just like your natural tooth. Their primary drawback is that they are more costly than traditional ceramic crowns.

How to Take Care of Ceramic Crowns and EMax Crowns

Dental crowns are a low-maintenance option for repairing your teeth. Generally, you will only need to keep up with regular dental hygiene in order to keep them in good shape. However, they can break down much like your own natural teeth.

Therefore, there is a chance that you may need a crown replaced at some point and must be diligent in keeping up with regular dental checkups in order to spot early signs of decay.

What are Onlays?

Onlays are a ¾ crown meaning they cover less of your tooth than a traditional crown.  These are used when you still have a solid tooth structure in place but require more support and coverage than a dental filling would provide.

Find the Right Dental Crown for You

Ceramic crowns and eMax crowns are the leading choice for dental crowns with both offering their own advantages. Marketplace Dentistry is here to help you find the right crown for your needs.

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