Have multiple missing teeth? All on 4 implants are the faster, simpler way to restore your oral health. With strategic placement, we are able to support multiple teeth on fewer implants. This means lower costs and less time in the dentist chair.

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How Do All On 4 Implants  Work?

All on 4 Dental Implants are similar in concept to traditional implants: metal or ceramic posts are surgically implanted into your jaw and then crowns, bridges or permanent dentures are then secured to these. However, unlike traditional implants, All on 4 strategically angles and places the implants to allow them to support multiple teeth.

Benefits of All on 4 Dental Implants

Implants for those with Insufficient Bone Density

This type of implant can be beneficial for many patients including those who are unable to receive traditional implants due to insufficient bone density. This is because All on 4 Implants utilize the strongest parts of the jawbone and do not need to place posts directly where individual teeth are missing.

Other Medical Factors

Any medical condition which hinders your ability to heal may make implants of any kind more difficult. If you suffer from diabetes, an autoimmune disease, or any condition that impacts your ability to heal, this will need to be taken into consideration and monitored closely should you proceed with implants.

Commitment to Dental Care

Commitment to oral hygiene and maintenance are important for everyone but are especially important for anyone undergoing implant surgery. Though implants are built to last, they can still be impacted by bone loss and poor gum health. To avoid this, you must keep up with regular brushing, flossing, and dental checkups. You should also consider smoking cessation and limiting sugary foods and drinks.

Ultimately, all on 4 is a variation of “teeth in a day” using tilted implants to avoid bone grafting. This is a solution for people who need to replace all the teeth in one or both of their jaws.

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