Learn about the All-On-4 Best Dental Implants in Toronto

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All-on-4 is a state-of-the-art dental procedure that can be used to provide a patient with a brand new set of pearly whites that look, feel, and function just like natural teeth. The procedure is minimally invasive and can be completed in just one day in most cases. This is the ideal choice for patients who have lost all their teeth or are about to lose all of them and want the best dental implants in Toronto to solve this problem.

All about the All-On-4

Removable dentures are prone to problems such as being loose or too bulky.  They often cause discomfort because they pinch the gums and cause sores. However, implant-supported dentures do not come with these same issues. Implant-retained dentures are much more stable and secure, meaning that wearers can feel confident that their implants will stay in place no matter their actions or eating. 

Additionally, implant-retained dentures tend to be more comfortable than traditional dentures, as they put less pressure on the gums.

The main disadvantage of traditional dentures is that they can cause the jaw bone to lose density and strength over time gradually. This happens because when a tooth is placed on the jawbone, it exerts pressure on the bone through natural movements of the mouth, especially during eating or chewing. 

This pressure stimulates growth and strengthens the surrounding area by increasing the density of the jaw bones. But when teeth are lost, either by accident or due to other dental health issues, this pressure is reduced, and the bones gradually loses density and strength over time.

The All-on-4 dental implant system offers several advantages over other tooth replacement solutions. This system uses four or more dental implants directly embedded into the jawbone, creating a secure connection. This approach provides similar stimulation to the jawbone as natural teeth, preventing the loss of bone density and maintaining the jawbone’s strength. 

The stability provided by these dentures also offers a much more solid connection for the replacement teeth. Thus, patients can enjoy virtually any type of food without worrying about looseness or accidental separation at any time, making them the best prosthetic tooth replacement option in many cases.

The Process

Getting the best dental implants in Toronto begins with a comprehensive examination and consultation. Your dentist will conduct this with you to plan a full-mouth restoration. This will include a review of the patient’s dental health and past medical history, as well as x-rays, digital 3D scans, and a physical examination of the mouth. 

These tests and inspections ensure that the dentist understands the state of the patient’s dental health, presents any issues that may need to be addressed before the All-on-4 procedure, and creates a personalized treatment plan.

After the consultation and evaluation stage, your dentist will have an in-depth conversation with you about their goals and the expected outcome after the procedure has been completed. This discussion is important to ensure that all aspects are given due consideration. We believe patients must be informed ASAP when deciding to undergo any major surgical procedure, especially when getting the best dental implants possible.

The procedure can begin when the patient has been fully informed about the process and is considered an eligible candidate.

In Closing

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